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Dental Crowns

We would never think to destroy a healthy tooth. That’s why our response to losing a tooth is this: implants. They support themselves and stand up independently. But we only choose this option if the neighbouring teeth are healthy. If there are cavities or other damage, a dental bridge is a better method. This involves inserting an artificial tooth in the gap and gently drilling the neighbouring teeth to use them as an “anchor”. State-of-the-art materials ensure that the row of teeth will end up looking just like real teeth.

Dental crowns

High-quality and natural: dental crowns made in Poland.

Crowns over defective teeth or teeth with large fillings create a difficult challenge. At our Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic (DIAC) in Poland, you can rely on professional diagnostics and precision work when implementing crowning. We use the latest techniques and materials to prevent any differences to your natural teeth and restore your radiant smile. Tip: Why not combine your visit to the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Szczecin with a long weekend in Poland and get to know the beauty of this country close up?

Dental crowns just across the border in Poland: overview of benefits for you

In Germany, you will pay EUR 1,000 or more for a crown over a single tooth. And you can’t assume that your health insurance will pay this amount and bear the costs. That’s because in many cases, crowns are not a medical necessity but an aesthetic dental treatment. In this case, you are responsible for the costs, but you can keep them low by accessing professional treatment at the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Szczecin. We will carry out the diagnostics and give you a quote that will impress you in terms of both the price and services, while meeting high demands. As an experienced dental clinic in Szczecin, Poland, we use the latest technologies and high-quality materials to ensure that your crowns will last a minimum of 20 years. This saves you money and you can rely on treatment which, if medically necessary, will be paid for by your health or supplementary dental insurance or, if an aesthetic treatment, will remain affordable for you.

Book an appointment for a consultation and diagnostics! At our dental clinic in Szczecin, you can expect a stylish atmosphere and expert employees who will do all they can to ensure your well-being and a pleasant stay throughout your dental treatment.

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