Zahnimplantate in der Zahnklinik Stettin

Dental Implants

In addition to the look and feel, it is also important to see how your jaw reacts to an implant. That’s why we use titanium implants exclusively, which your body accepts like its own tissue. This prevents virtually any kind of allergic reaction and none has been recorded to date. After one of our experts has inserted the implant, it will be topped with a crown which has been customized for you. You can look forward to a natural look, new quality of life and a feeling of safety when eating, speaking and laughing.
Zahnimplantate Aufbau - 3D Illustration

But we only choose this option if neighbouring teeth are healthy. If there are cavities or other damage, a dental bridge is a better method. This involves inserting an artificial tooth in the gap and gently drilling the neighbouring teeth to use them as an “anchor”. State-of-the-art materials ensure that the row of teeth will end up looking just like real teeth.

Dental implants from the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic (DIAC) in Poland offer diverse benefits. You will pay far less for top quality and modern materials than you normally would in Germany. If the need for a dental implant is medically indicated, you are also in with a good chance that your health insurance will pay some of the costs. If you are paying the costs yourself, you will benefit even more, because the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic offers absolutely fair conditions and you can combine the implant treatment with a long weekend in Poland. Dental implants:

Reduce costs – Focus on quality

Implants are all about your health, about how you feel, and about your bite force. This makes it all the more important to rely on professionals who are able to insert dental implants based on their experience and precision. If your treatment requires your jaw bone to be reconstructed first, the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic (DIAC) is also the place for you. Patients who are willing to travel to Poland and choose the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic can expect the latest technologies and expertise during treatment. Implantology is becoming increasingly popular in Poland and it already enjoys many patients. This is due not only to the fair conditions but also to the quality of the dental implants and the use of the latest techniques and materials. You can attend your follow-up appointments in Germany or at our Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic. We consciously chose the location of our dental clinic in Poland to make it easy to reach us by car or public transport.
Are you planning a dental implant and want to benefit from high-quality services at low prices? Then make an appointment at your Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Poland and choose implants which are cheaper than in Germany while offering long-lasting top quality.

Bone reconstruction

When you lose a tooth, this can – in the worst case scenario – result in bone loss. This makes it nearly impossible to insert an implant. A problem for which there is a simple solution. The defective site can be repaired with the best material available: yourself.
Just a small procedure is required to replace the missing bone material with your own bone material. This is taken from another part of your body and inserted in the jaw, creating not just the basis for straightforward healing but also the foundation for a secure, firm implant.

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