Veneers in der Zahnklinik Stettin


Probably the quickest way to beautiful teeth: veneers.

They are very thin sheets which are inserted over the surface of your anterior teeth. What’s special about them? Once the tooth that has been causing you problems is given the finishing touches, it is permanently covered in a veneer. Hard, strong and smooth like a real tooth, this will be indistinguishable from your other teeth and will give you a natural smile.

Beautiful teeth with veneers
Beautiful teeth with veneers

Veneers as a wafer-thin alternative to traditional crowns

To make up for minor imperfections or an uneven tooth colour, you do not need to rely on crowns or dental polishing. At the highly skilled Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic (DIAC) in Poland, we offer you the opportunity to have pearlescent, even teeth with the help of wafer-thin veneers. Veneers are translucent and stable, and they look the same as natural teeth.

Who are veneers suitable for and what benefits does the dental clinic in Poland have to offer?

Pay us a visit at the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic and let us give you an estimate which will be much lower than the usual cost of veneers in Germany. Veneers are an aesthetic dental treatment which health insurers neither pay for nor contribute towards. Even though these wafer-thin sheets, which are installed on the surface of your anterior teeth, balance out imperfections and uneven teeth, this technique is classed as aesthetic dentistry. Your treatment at the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Poland can be easily combined with a longer stay abroad, so that your aesthetic dental treatment forms part of a relaxing holiday. Simply arrive in your own car or via public transport and the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Szczecin is only a short walk away.

Veneer treatments will be preceded by a detailed examination. That’s because the state of your teeth will determine whether the wafer-thin ceramic plates will be sufficient or whether crowning will be necessary. If your anterior teeth have discolorations or grooves, you do not need your natural teeth to be damaged and can use veneers which are firmly attached to your teeth using minor roughening. A veneered tooth will be no different from your natural tooth, either visually or in terms of the strength of your bite.

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