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Evenings: Opera on the Oder

Treatment has finished and you have your smile back. What now? Show it off! Go out and impress the locals in Szczecin. Why not try the Opera Na Zamku? Only a few minutes away from the clinic, this grand opera house combines history with modernity. The exclusive auditorium is framed in traditional red brick arches and, with its limited number of seats, promises to create an intimate musical experience in a virtually private atmosphere.

Tickets available at www.opera.szczecin.pl

Sights: the most beautiful castle in Szczecin

During its history lasting nearly 1,000 years, the “Zahme Ksiazat Pomorskich” (Castle of the Dukes of Pomerania) was home to many different rulers. It was repeatedly occupied, shelled, burnt down …and rebuilt. The prized jewel of the inhabitants of Szczecin, it still stands on the original foundation walls in the heart of Poland, only a few steps from the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic.

More information at zamek.szczecin.pl

(Evening) stroll along the Oder Promenade in Szczecin

While worth a much longer stay, even a short trip to Szczecin, the capital of West Pomerania, suffices to explore the beauty of this city. And perhaps one day you will be back for a longer stay. The Oder Promenade in Szczecin is particularly suitable for a short walk starting at the Piastowski Bulwar (quai), you stroll past maritime sculptures, such as the statues of the captains Kazimierz Haska and Ludomir Maczka.

The historic cranes, lovingly called “Cranosaurus”, are also especially worth a visit at night, when they are lit in various colours. They help to create the Oder promenade’s special charm.
Or you could rent a small motor boat at the Long Bridge (Most Dlug) and go on a tour along the river. We also particularly recommend the secluded bays along the river Swieta, Szczecin’s Venice, Dabie Lake or one of the many canals. There’s lots to see here, especially for nature lovers! Herons, grey eagles, otters, and rare plants can be observed at close proximity.

And the Oder promenade also offers culinary delights. Many different restaurants and bistros invite you to relax and stay awhile. Or if you simply want to take along your own beer and enjoy it in the open air, you can do so along the Bulwar Gdynski (part of the Oder promenade). This is where you are permitted to consume your own alcoholic drinks.

Source: https://visitszczecin.eu/en

Szczecin and its “Red Route”

The so-called “Red Route” is a slightly longer walking route (7km) which includes a tour of the city.

Simply follow the red line painted on the ground and you will be taken from one sight to the next. Every station is clearly marked with a number. There are a total of 42 stations along the 7km route, and every sight has its own information panel. The panels are generally located either directly on the building or in its immediate proximity.

Visit the city’s Tourist Information offices for a map of the route. Station 1 is the imposing Szczecin Central Station.


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