Bleaching in der Zahnklinik Stettin


Coffee, tea and tobacco will stain your teeth over time. It’s a natural process of tooth ageing, but you don’t need to accept it! We will help your smile to shine again. We use state-of-the-art equipment which is gentle on your teeth and hard on discolouration:


Special gels are available to brighten your teeth. These are applied to ‘trays’ which are tailored to you and inserted under medical supervision and control.


A gentle air-flow system blows away discolouration thoroughly and without residue to create exceptional results for you in only a few minutes.


This bleaching lamp requires 3 sittings lasting 7-15 minutes for excellent results. It is one of the most popular services at our clinic.

Vor und nach dem Bleaching
Before and after bleaching

Radiant white teeth: Discolouration removed by professional bleaching

Time will leave its mark on your teeth, which can be particularly infuriating if you drink coffee or wine. Want to have your once radiant smile back? And not be annoyed that your formerly white teeth have turned yellow or are discoloured in places? At the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Poland, you can book an appointment to regain your joy and self-confidence. You should know: Bleaching not only restores the natural colour of your teeth but also gives you a beautiful and radiant smile!

Professional bleaching does not damage your gums

There are many myths about dental bleaching. But we can assure you that the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic uses only the latest technologies and high-quality gels which do not damage your gums or make your teeth unnecessarily sensitive. We at the dental clinic in Poland have many years of experience with bleaching and are thoroughly up-to-date with the latest dental bleaching treatments. We offer bleaching in three sessions lasting 7 to 15 minutes – a service that is particularly popular with our international patients. Take a little time and combine your dental bleaching at the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Szczecin with a long weekend and get to know this enchanting Polish city.

Health insurers do not pay a contribution to dental bleaching. It is therefore all the more important to find a perfect and professional offer that is also affordable. Our dental clinic gives you a quote that can be combined with preceding professional dental cleaning and plaque removal, if necessary. Prepare to get excited about affordable prices for high-quality services and materials, and return from Poland with a radiant smile and white teeth.

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