Brücken in der Zahnklinik Stettin

Dental bridges

If you lose a tooth or several teeth, bridges can be used to restore them. For this process, at least two of the adjacent teeth must be drilled. If these teeth are destroyed by cavities or have large fillings, or if they already have a crown, bridges can be used without issue.
If the adjacent teeth are healthy, implants are normally used. This means there is no need to drill into healthy teeth!

provisorische Zahnbrücken, Kunststoffverblendungen
Provisional dental bridges

Dental bridges to bridge minor or major gaps between teeth

If one or several neighbouring teeth are lost, the gaps must be bridged. At our Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic (DIAC) in Poland, we specialise in high-quality dental bridges. Following a preliminary examination with precise diagnostics, we will recommend treatment matching the state of your teeth, so that the gap can be closed invisibly. When bridging gaps between teeth, it is necessary to drill into healthy teeth and use them to prop up the bridge. To ensure that the bridge remains firmly in place, the adjacent teeth must be healthy and not have any large fillings.

Consultations and competence at the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Poland

Are you looking for an affordable alternative to treatment in Denmark and want to save money, but not stint on quality? If so, we would be happy to welcome you as patients at our highly skilled Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Szczecin. Why not combine your dental appointment with a long weekend in Poland and travel back home with a radiant smile? And your new, high-quality bridge. Drawing on several years of experience and expertise, the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Szczecin is your contact for dental prostheses. We produce dental bridges from high-quality materials and ensure that your bite is restored in full and that there is no visual difference between your natural teeth and the bridge. As specialists in Poland, we can make you an affordable offer that your health insurance will find acceptable or, in case of medical need, that your health insurance will happily pay in full.

Book an appointment at the Dental Implant Aesthetic Clinic in Szczecin and choose high-quality, yet affordable, dental bridges. Before each treatment, you will have a detailed consultation where you will receive all the information you need to make a decision and to understand your precise plan.

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